Irega 8 Inch 1000v Insulated Adjustable Wrench (200mm)


1000V 8 Inch Insulated Wrench Every IREGA 92-1000V adjustable wrench undergoes a HIGH VOLTAGE TEST according to EN-60900 Standard (equivalent IEC-900) and consisting of a 10000V charge for 10 seconds after which there should be no damage to the handle. The three Plastisol layers in different colours allow the user to easily check the condition of the insulation. In as much as the Plastisol maintains the Red colour along the entire surface – Safety is full and guaranteed When Orange colour appears at some area though Safety continues to be full and guaranteed the user must be Cautious as natural wearing has started As soon as Yellow colour appears the user should immediately Stop using the adjustable wrench as a Safety tool for electrical installations and replace it for a new one There is a fourth Black layer (without electrical insulation properties) at the bottom of the handle aimed to provide extra protection against falls knocks etc. on that area Opening: 30mm (1.3/16 inch)Length: 207mm

Made in Spain The handle insulation material fulfils the requirements of IEC 900 and EN-60900 as far as it concerns the electric strength and the mechanical properties

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8 Inch 1000v INS ADJ WRENCH – 200mm


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