Metabo BE 75-16 750w High Torque Drill


Model: BE 75-16
Output Torque: 75  Nm
Capacity: Steel 16 mm, Softwood 50 mm
No-load speed: 0-660 rpm
Rated input power: 750 Watts
Output power: 470 Watts
Speed at rated load: 350 rpm
Collar diameter: 43 mm
Chuck capacity: 1.5-13 mm geared
Weight (excluding mains lead): 2.3  kg

Features & Benefits
Variable speed to prevent ripping of wallpaper at startup.
Extra High Torque for use with auger bits and holesaws.
Spindle with hexagon recess for screwdriver bits.
Metabo S-automatic torque limiting clutch.
Well suited for using drills with large diameters and for stirring thick viscous materials.

(3 Year Warranty)
Metabo power tools have a particularly long service life.
As they rarely require repairs, Metabo has developed an additional warranty for you – the XXL warranty. If you register, the normal 1 year warranty is extended to 3 years.
Registration is only possible within 4 weeks of the purchase date.

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Metabo BE 75-16 750w High Torque Drill


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